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October Monday

After three days of lectures and discussions on the role of tourism as a development factor in heritage sites, the 9th International Symposium Challenges in the Management of Cities, which was held since Monday in this city, concludes today.

At least 322 invasive plant species have been reported in Cuba, and 58 percent of them are considered transformer of the composition and structure of native ecosystems, it was reported in this capital.

The meeting of the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA), to be held in April in this city, intends implementing a Regional Network of National Associations of Public Health (ANSP by its Spanish acronym) of the Americas.

The Center for Protection and Hygiene of Radiations (CPHR by its Spanish acronym) announced it received requests from several Latin American countries on their experience in implementing the management of non conventional hazardous waste.

Since the triumph of the Bolivarian Revolution with its eternal president Hugo Chavez, educational collaborations between Cuba and Venezuela began, and today both nations reaffirm their ties during the 14th International Congress Pedagogy 2015.

The "Integrating school-family-community" symposium is one of the busiest in the world event Pedagogy 2015 as it has more than 140 papers for discussion, of which a considerable part is about the Cuban experience: Transforming to educate.

The Brazilian government announced the expansion of its health program with more doctors from other countries, particularly from Cuba, to work in another 424 remote areas of the country.

Cuban doctor Felix Baez, who overcame the Ebola virus, which he got in Sierra Leone, returned to that Western African nation to continue fighting the disease along his comrades with the Henry Reeve international medical brigade.

The upcoming Pedagogy 2015 Congress to take place January 26-30 in Havana, will include the forum entitled Latin America and Caribbean, a Peace Zone, which will focus on post-conflict education.

The occurrence of three perceptible earthquakes during the first days of the year with magnitudes ranging from 3 to 3.2 on the Richter scale are normal reports, according to the National Seismological Research Center (CENAIS by its Spanish acronym).

In 2014, Cuba maintained the figure achieved the previous year of 0.9 deaths due to congenital malformations per every 1,000 live births, which ratifies the country among those with the lowest infant mortality rate for this cause in the world, asserted on Wednesday an expert in this capital.

The processing group of biomedical data at Oscar Lucero Moya University, in Holguin, is working to develop a software that facilitates the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of patients with hereditary ataxias.

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