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July Saturday

The Cuban trade union movement is about to discuss the plan and budget for the 2020 economy, applying ideas and alternatives in accordance with the economic resources available in each work center.

A US court has decided to remove the Spanish hotel chain Melia from a lawsuit filed against it under Title III of the controversial Helms-Burton Act against Cuba, the magazine Preferente published today.

The 2020 Budget Law reaffirms the social character of the Cuban Revolution, but given the financial restrictions, it is necessary to achieve the highest incomes to guarantee the quality of life of the population and the economic development of the country, Meisi Bolaños Weiss, Minister of Finance and Prices, asserted Tuesday.

Amidst the limitations, and thanks to the people' efforts, it is estimated that the Cuban economy will not decrease in 2019, Alejandro Gil Fernandez, Cuban Minister of Economy and Planning, told MPs of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP) today.

Varadero will have 1,000 more rooms by 2020, once the investments in the two hotels being built in the Oasis and Los Tainos areas, respectively, are completed, Ivis Fernandez, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) in Matanzas, affirmed.

Salvador Valdes Mesa, 1st Vice President of Cuba, analyzed by videoconference with directives of the provincial and municipal administration councils of the country, among other issues, the insurance plan to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.

Representatives of the Ministries of Tourism of Cuba and Turkey held a program of exchanges and activities in Istanbul with directors of tourism business organizations and Turkish Airlines.

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