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February Friday

As announced by the main Cuban authorities, the process of monetary re-ordering begins this Friday in Cuba, which includes the elimination of the monetary and exchange duality, the reform of salaries and pensions and the elimination of undue gratuitousness and excessive subsidies.

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 30 (ACN) The increase of prices in the water bill is also included in the Ordering Task, and it also intends to promote the saving of this vital resource, Meisi Bolaños, minister of finance and prices, pointed out on Tuesday when she addressed this issue at the Cuban TV program Mesa Redonda.

In line with the process of monetary order in Cuba, the Ordinary Official Gazette number 90 published today Resolution 177, which establishes the rules for the commercialization of agricultural products among the hotel and gastronomic establishments of the tourist sector and the production units.

In response to the concerns of the population, the Cuban government approved the reduction of the new electricity tariff, to be applied since the beginning of the monetary regulation process in January 2021.

After almost a year of adjusting to increase self-sufficiency in foreign trade operations, Asdrubal Lopez Coffee Processing Company, Cuba's largest exporter of coffee, this month completed its first direct commercial operation to the European market.

Ivis Fernandez, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) in the Cuban province of Matanzas, ratified the celebration of the International Tourism Fair (FITCuba) in May 2021, an event that is undergoing intensive preparation.

The Cuban company Commercial Caribbean Nickel S.A. and the Australian Caribe Metals Corporation Pty Limited (CMC) signed an International Economic Association contract to study the feasibility of the Cajálbana mining project, located in the municipality of La Palma, in Pinar del Río province.

Due to the beginning of the monetary order in Cuba next January 1, the payment of the advance on wages to the workers begins this Wednesday.

Carlos Luis Jorge Méndez, general director of Foreign Investment of Cuba, said that a group of decisions have been taken that favor this activity in Cuba, and will be attractive because the investor will be able to perform in a more transparent economic environment, in which distortions are eliminated.

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