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April Saturday

The Angel Villareal Bravo Industrial Enterprise, in Villa Clara province (central Cuba), will produce some 10,000 electric bicycles this year, the highest figure since its incorporation to that production line, said Elier Perez, general director of the institution.
The factory, also known as Ciclos Minerva, reached 25 million pesos in sales of electric bicycles and tricycles in 2020, a number above what was planned.

Cuban state-run Information Technology companies have begun to assist imports and exports by the private sector in the field, in tune with the country’s economic and social strategy approved by the Cuban government last year.

Recommendations resulting from studies of meteorological variables such as rainfall are applied nowadays in the cultivation of beans and citrus fruits in the province of Matanzas, in favor of food production in Cuba.

A total of 138,246 people have applied for jobs at Cuba's municipal labor offices from January 1 to date, as a result of the monetary ordering process that is being developed in the country.

In Cuba, rice production is a priority task due to its importance for the population, and in order to increase the availability of the grain, several development programs are being carried out, including the import and domestic production of machinery.
Currently, to supply the country with the necessary amount of rice, more than two thirds of the total demand is imported, usually from very distant regions.

Rice production is a priority in Cuba to guarantee the staple for the people, but in order to increase the local rice output the country needs to import and manufacture agricultural machinery.

Reports from the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas reveal an increasing number of private workers by over 400 in February if compared to January this year, while the local non-state sector counts on more than 26 thousand workers.

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