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February Friday

Marino Murillo Jorge, head of the Commission for the Implementation and Development of the Guidelines, ratified this Friday the idea that with the monetary order no one will be left helpless in Cuba, hence the design of a policy on prices, salaries, pensions and social assistance in line with that goal.

Ana Teresita González, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, received on Friday Heidrun Tempel, German Ambassador to Cuba, with whom she exchanged views on bilateral relations between the two governments.

The convertible peso will no longer circulate 180 days after the beginning of the monetary and exchange rate unification on January 1, 2021, so that after that period the Cuban peso -monetary unit of the Republic of Cuba- will be the legal currency in the whole national territory, with unlimited liberating power and obtained at its nominal value.

With several products incorporated to the export and national consumption, the emblematic canned plant La Conchita, in Pinar del Rio(western Cuba), obtained this year 132, 000 pesos in freely convertible currency (MLC) and works in the recovery of lines of great acceptance elaborated there years ago and that for some reason stopped being processed.

In accordance with the new economic context of the country as of January 1, 2021, when the monetary order came into force, the Ministry of Finance and Prices modified the salary scale of the country, fixing the minimum salary at 2,100 Cuban pesos (some 87 USD considering the set exchange rate of 24 pesos for one USD).

Representatives of the Cuban government have insisted on more than one occasion that one of the country's priorities is food production, and that work is being done to offer the population better and greater offers, while the new Economic and Social Strategy reinforces this fundamental task.

Syrian Tourism Minister Mohammed Rami Martini discussed with Cuban Ambassador Miguel Porto the ways to promote cooperation in the field of the so-called leisure industry.

To review the current state and future perspectives of the implementation of the bilateral economic agenda, the 5th session of the economic and trade commission and of the strategic orientation committee of the Cuban-French countervalue fund will take place Friday.

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