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April Thursday

Salvador Valdes Mesa, 1st Vice President of Cuba, analyzed by videoconference with directives of the provincial and municipal administration councils of the country, among other issues, the insurance plan to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.

Representatives of the Ministries of Tourism of Cuba and Turkey held a program of exchanges and activities in Istanbul with directors of tourism business organizations and Turkish Airlines.

Cuba´s Metropolitano S.A. Bank will give a 10% of discount on the total purchases and payments of services that customers make with their magnetic cards, in establishments and commercial offices, through Sale Point Terminals (POS), during December and early January.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel condemned the aggressive U.S. policy against his country.
"Trump attacks again: Six ships are sanctioned for transporting oil from Venezuela to Cuba. No more unjust and arrogant sanctions. Cuba does not surrender to the arrogant imperial aggression. We will win, because we are continuity," he tweeted.

The 6th Symposium of Integrated and Environmental Management of Beaches and Coastal Ecosystems "VARAPLAYAS 2019", began today at Varadero spa city and will run until next Friday, with the participation of experts from Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Brazil and other nations.

The largest Fine Alcohol Distillery in Cuba, Alficsa Plus S.A., was reopened last November 30, after the corresponding start-up periods and the necessary productive operation for the full beginning of the industry.

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