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January Tuesday

Through the information platform Pensando Américas of the Network in Defense of Humanity, we learned that "there will be no declaration of Panama" at the 7th Summit of the Americas, which will be inaugurated on April 10 in the Panamanian capital.

The secretary general of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Barcena, said in a statement to ACN that she has come to the Forum of Rectors of the 7th Summit of the Americas to promote the idea of public education, free and of quality for the inhabitants of the region.

Havana--Following strong denunciations by the Cuban delegation at the forums parallel to the Summit of the Americas in Panama about the presence there of paid-mercenaries and terrorists, local union and social organizations urged the Panamanian government to refuse the use of their country as a platform for regime change policy against the constitutional governments of Cuba and Venezuela.

Things became heated at the Convention Center Vasco Nunez de Balboa in Panama City before the beginning of the Forum on Wednesday due to a strong protest of the Cuban delegation to the Forum of Civil Society of the 7th Summit of the Americas, the entry to which was denied to some twenty representatives of the island.

The Cuban delegation to Panama´s Social Forum abandoned its opening session on Wednesday in a strong response to the presence of paid-mercenaries at the event.

Barack Obama was only four days old when the Heroic Guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara publically denounced Washington´s hostile policy against Cuba during an Inter-American Summit, while reiterating Fidel Castro´s desire to dialog in order to solve the differences in an equal footing and carry out secret talks with the US envoy.

The Antonio Nuñez Jimenez Foundation for Nature and Man (FANJ) announced in this capital its participation on April 8-10 in the Forum of Civil Society and Social Actors, one of the meetings of the 7th Summit of the Americas to be held in Panama.

The recent US attack against Venezuela, one of the 12 member states of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, ALBA, led this regional integration bloc to raise its voice at the 7th Summit of the Americas to be held April 10 and 11, in Panama.

A new national survey in the U.S. revealed an increasing support over the past three months by Cuban Americans of a new policy approach towards Cuba as 51 percent of those interviewed were in favor if compared to a December pall that showed 48 percent supporting the new move.

Louceny Fall, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and of Guineans Abroad of the Republic of Guinea, expressed on March 30 the gratitude of his government to be Cuban people for its help: "We know it's a great sacrifice to come here to face that epidemic. The peoples of the three countries hit by the deadly virus will always remember that attitude. We're very satisfied with Cuba's cooperation."

Cuba´s permanent representative in Geneva, Ambassador Anayansi Rodriguez, said that the March 31 Cuba-US talks on human rights were held in the expected atmosphere of professionalism and respect and considered further meetings on the topic.

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