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December Monday

President of the Chamber of Commerce emphasizes the importance of the Productive Economic Workshop

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 6 (ACN) Antonio Carricarte, president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, said on Wednesday that the Cuba 2021 Productive Economic Workshop will contribute to boosting and energizing the economy, and that the business sector will understand that in the midst of the intensified U.S. blockade and the impact of COVID-19 there is capacity to move forward and grow as we resist.

Speaking to the Cuban News Agency about the event that will take place from tomorrow Thursday until November 28 with activities in all territories, he stressed that it is also intended to accompany the legislative effort that the country is making with the transformations in the economy, with the new economic actors.

The event is sponsored by the Ministries of Economy and Planning and Foreign Trade and Investment, the Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), and aims to create spaces for discussion and analysis that describe the current economic scenario from the practice and identify the potentialities, opportunities and obstacles that arise in this branch.

It includes face-to-face and virtual conferences by experts, the presentation of the Business Guide and the Cuban Observatory of Economic Sciences by ANEC, fairs of idle and slow-moving products, and exchanges between state and non-state actors to identify beneficial businesses.
Carricarte, also vice-president of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, pointed out that the aim is to socialize the good experiences of companies that have put into practice the knowledge and show encouraging results in their efforts.

He said that in this way they intend to ratify the precept of the Revolution concept of emancipating ourselves by ourselves and with our own efforts, with a view to recovering ourselves.

In the forum there will be initiatives that will contribute to create an environment to improve and make the country's linkage and the use of internal resources more efficient; one of them is the Business Guide, a platform that will make it possible for the economic actors, state and non-state, including banks, to link and get to know each other.

It is the first platform of its kind, which will be developed and will allow meetings, business rounds, advertising of goods and services, promotions, bids and demands, and this will be very important, especially now that new actors are emerging, and it is necessary to include them in the flow of the economy.

ANEC will be in charge of its presentation, as well as the Observatory of Economic Sciences, which will have share research works, term papers, doctorates, etc., that will allow one to quickly locate any topic and have fresh news of what is happening in the economic sphere in Cuba and in the world, said the official.

He explained that the forum will be giving an outlet to a group of issues discussed at the Party Congress and that the Economic Department of the Central Committee is being followed up by a team of experts.

In this sense, conferences like these will be kept alive in time, the mentioned platforms will remain and from the Chamber of Commerce we will continue with the advice to the companies, in a virtual way with a group of our experts and from other institutions, which will be useful for the knowledge of the norms, of the laws, which are quite a lot, he said.

Another of the objectives -and results- that Cuba 2021 will have is to contribute to raise the economic culture of both the actors and the population itself, since the development of this country is going through the consolidation of the economy, he said.
And it is important to renew the work of our companies, which have to change, state and non-state, leave positions of inertia, false initiatives and leave the "comfort zone"; as President Miguel Díaz-Canel said at the closing of the Party Congress, we must move from the call to the transformations.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce affirmed that in this stage of the resistance of the people and the nation, it is essential in the last quarter of the year to make an offensive that will allow us to achieve levels of growth, an expression of the strength of the Cuban economy even in the complex situations it is going through.

As part of this effort, it is worth highlighting, also in the context of the Productive Economic Day, the launching of the platform for the sale of idle and slow-moving products, which will help buy raw materials or parts that some companies have surplus but others may find useful to raise the level of goods for the population and the economy.

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