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September Thursday

Cuban agro-industrial company guarantees its own fruits for its productions

CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, Sep 7 (ACN) Most of the fruit used by the Ceballos Agroindustrial Enterprise to process its products comes from its own fields and from others it serves, which ratifies the development potential of this entity of the Ministry of Agriculture in Ciego de Avila(central region).

Osvadys Estrada Rodriguez, production director of Agroindustrial Ceballos, told the Cuban News Agency that of the 13,165 tons of fruit processed to date, some 9,000 were harvested in its areas and in those of the 26 associated productive forms.

He pointed out that out of the 11,000 hectares of the property, 4,800 are covered with fruit trees, a strategy that seeks to recover products that are in great demand among the population, in the border market and for export, and at the same time guarantee their raw material.

Mango, guava, pineapple, pump fruit and orange are the fruits collected for the industry of the entity itself, to elaborate the different assortments, Estrada Rodriguez added.

In the fields of DCeballos, the company's trade name, there are also planted hectares of avocado, mamey, custard apple, soursop, Chinese plum, loquat, canistel, tamarind, among other fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals, although some of them may also contain fats, oils and proteins.

Agroindustrial Ceballos' plan for planting fruit trees this year is 274 hectares, however, until the first days of September there are 320, thanks to the boost given to the activity, which has postures, obtained in the nurseries and houses of technified crops.

So far in 2021, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which has reduced trade between countries, this company exported 105.4 tons of fresh fruit, including MD-2 and Española Roja pineapples, avocado, and introduced mango and red mamey in the foreign market.

It also sold concentrated pineapple juices, aseptic mango pulp, candies in syrup, jams and nectars, which contribute to the effective financial capacity that the Cuban economy needs so much.

Agroindustrial Ceballos, leader of the export pole in Ciego de Avila, which has been operating since the end of 2018, is among the Cuban entities that facilitate sales and imports of state and private productive forms.

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