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January Friday

Japan sends modern machine for mechanized rice transplant to Cuban province

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 24 (ACN) Through a Japanese project of collaboration with the Cuban people, the rice industry in the western municipality of Los Palacios received a modern machine for obtaining seed by the mechanized transplant method, which favors varietal purity in the production of rice.

Guillermo Díaz López, specialist of the Los Palacios Base Scientific and Technological Unit (UCTB), in charge of the cultivation technology, said to the ACN that they have been working for years in the coordination of projects to support the development of rice, with emphasis on the seed.

As part of the materialization of these programs, since 2012 we have received a transplanting machine from the Cuba-Vietnam project, another one from the Environmental Base for Local Food Sustainability (BASAL) and one just arrived from Japan, free of charge, in addition to other equipment.

He added that this required the development of the technology of the technified seedbed in trays and a group of researches were practiced to determine the substrate to be used, fertilization, treatment to be given in the management of water, so that the posture in only 19 days would reach the size for the transplant, a purpose achieved.

Among the advantages of mechanized transplanting, he listed the increase in the crop's yield, since well-developed, short-lived postures are taken to the field, there is no stress when they are moved to the furrow, their recovery is fast and up to eight tons per hectare have been obtained in those areas.

The humanization of man's work and water saving are also among the advantages of this system in rice cultivation.

According to Díaz López, they have experimented with good behavior in the substitution of part of the chemical products required by the grain, with the application of CBFERT liquid fertilizer, achieved by specialists of the Center of Engineering and Chemical Research, with the purpose of reducing imports and integrating the experimental results to the rice technological package.

According to digital publications, rice is the most consumed food in the world, and in Cuba, it is an irreplaceable dish in the family's table.

Pinar del Río is one of the four provinces of the country with the greatest weight in the national rice production.





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