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October Thursday

Private sector: a key player in Cuba´s economic reorder

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 13 (ACN) Cuba is assisting the private sector as part of a strategy that seeks the harmonic function of several economic actors, Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister, Alejandro Gil, explained.

The Government is working expand and introduce flexibility in activities that can currently be developed through the so-called self-employment.

'We are also studying to improve the tax system and expedite the approval framework so that citizens can exercise this type of work and do business,' he added.

Gil also referred to the need of bettering the functioning of the wholesale market so that these workers can have easier access to it.

According to the Minister, Cuba seeks to complement between micro, small and medium enterprises, the state sector, the business system, cooperatives and private workers.

This union will favor the generation of values and the productive chain, main objectives of the economic and social strategy of the country to face the crisis of the Covid-19 and the intensification of the US blockade, he said.

Speaking to the nation through television an radio, Gil referred to the country's progress in production and commercialization of food, incentives for exports and transformations in the business system, improvement of self-employment and monetary order in the country.

'It is necessary to take bold measures and apply certain productive circuits that work: generate foreign currency in one way to invest in another,' he emphasized.

Minister Gil underlined that to continue with the economic plan, it is necessary to count on the individual responsibility of each person in front of the hygienic-sanitary measures in the new normality that Cuba is facing in the fight against the pandemic.


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