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October Thursday

EU recognizes impact of US blockade on Cuban people

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 20 (ACN) Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, acknowledged the effects of the US blockade on the Cuban people.

Borrell said that the blockade is negatively affecting the living conditions of the Cuban population, in response to a question put to the also Vice-President of the European Commission by several MEPs at the end of May, following an upsurge in hostility from Washington.

Then, members of the Group of Friendship and Solidarity with Cuba in the European Parliament asked him to comment on the decision of the United States to include the Caribbean island in the unilateral list of countries that do not cooperate with its anti-terrorist efforts, a prelude to new sanctions in the midst of the global fight against the Covid-19 and the demand not to hinder it.

According to Borrell, the measures imposed on third nations 'should not prevent the delivery of equipment and supplies needed to fight the coronavirus and limit its global spread.

The EU has reiterated this point on several occasions in its dialogue with the United States, which it addressed again at the recent political consultations on Latin America and the Caribbean between the parties, it stressed in its reply of August 14.

With respect to the inclusion of Cuba on the list of countries that allegedly do not collaborate in the fight against terrorism, Borrell recalled the US argument that members of the Colombian guerrilla group ELN are present in Havana.





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