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European Official Says Cuba is Not Alone

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European Official Says Cuba is Not AloneHAVANA, Cuba, Jan 3 (ACN) The high-ranking representative of the European Union's Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini said on Wednesday in Havana that while some attempt to isolate Cuba, the Europeans are closer than ever to the Cuban people and will not be alone in face of the US blockade.

In face of those that want to build walls, the Europeans want to construct bridges and open doors through cooperation and dialog with the Caribbean island, said the EU official during a master conference with the participation of students from the San Geronimo University in Old Havana.

We have told the US authorities that the blockade is not the solution which has been reaffirmed at the UN General Assembly vote last November, said the also Vice President of the European Commission.

For the EU representative the anti-Cuba policy only worsens the quality of life of men, women and children that live on the island and it is obsolete and illegal.

The European Union will continue working to end the blockade, she said.

The representative also rejected the effects of the US economic blockade against Cuba on European citizens, companies and interests.

She said that we cannot accept for unilateral measures to impede economic and commercial relations with Cuba.

In a clear message from Havana to the government of Donald Trump, which aims at reinforcing the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, the EU representative insisted that this is not the moment for demonstrations of strength that does not lead anywhere.

Regarding the political dialog and cooperation between the EU and Cuba, which went into effect last November, she expressed that this offers an opportunity to increase relations that reflect the real historic, economic and cultural ties between both sides.

This will be a solid tool to support and participate in the updating of the island's economic model, she added.

Cuba and the European Union share principles like justice, freedom and solidarity and the agreement offers opportunities in increasing trade, investments and looks for common solutions to global challenges like climate change, fight for disarmament and against terrorism.

This is Mogherini's third visit to Cuba and spoke on the route for political dialog and cooperation, which will have a provisional character until the parliaments of the 28 member States of the EU ratifies the agreement.

She added that the EU and Cuba will sign a new program this year to foment the use of renewable energies, especially in rural and isolated areas of the island.

The European Union's representative will speak to Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Thursday on the next meeting to be held in Brussels on the first joint Council between the EU and Cuba. Meanwhile work on issues of bilateral interests will be ironed out, like the response to the terrible hurricanes that affected the Caribbean in recent months and the support to those affected.

Mogherini praised the preventive work prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irma when the island's authorities evacuated almost two million people and the efforts and serious work of the Cuban government on the management of the resources donated by the EU to help those affected among the population.

In her speech before students of the San Geronimo University in Old Havana, she called out the attention on climate change and affirmed that those responsible to remedy the problem is humanity.

She stressed that the solution is in our hands but we must be united.

The EU representative also said, with the presence of a group of ambassadors of the European States, that she expects the younger generation to be able to continue the work of international cooperation to protect us from climate change.

One example of growing cooperation of the EU with Cuba is the Center for adolescents inaugurated last November in Old Havana financed by European funds and the support of UNICEF and the City Historians Office.

The political dialog and cooperation with Cuba agreement left behind the so-called "common position" of the EU towards the island, which was a unilateral and restrictive policy in which the Europeans conditioned its relations with the Caribbean nation since 1996.

Mogherini is scheduled to meet with the President of the Cuban National Assembly Esteban Lazo on Thursday and hold an official meeting with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla.

The ties between Cuba and the European Union is currently good and according to Cuban authorities, the relations are developing in a positive manner, characterized for its favorable exchange and political dialog.


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