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October Thursday

The 2020 Cuban budget will require higher income to benefit the country

The 2020 Cuban budget will require higher income to benefit the countryHAVANA, Cuba, Dec 18 (ACN) The 2020 Budget Law reaffirms the social character of the Cuban Revolution, but given the financial restrictions, it is necessary to achieve the highest incomes to guarantee the quality of life of the population and the economic development of the country, Meisi Bolaños Weiss, Minister of Finance and Prices, asserted Tuesday.

She offered preliminary information to the representatives of the Standing Economic Committee, as a previous to the approval of the plan next Saturday in the 4th ordinary session of the National Assembly of People's Power, in its 9th Legislature.
From the earliest day of the year the control of income and expenses should be a priority in each budgeted unit or business and area, along with principles such as maximizing monetary collection through retail trade circulation and savings, among other ways, without forgetting the quality in the goods and services production, the minister added.
Bolaños Weiis stressed that although basic services are assured, such as health, education, culture, sports, social security, defense of the country and internal order, it will be necessary to be more rigorous and strict in the monitoring of the budgetary amounts of each activity, starting with the strengthening of accounting and accounting discipline at the base.
The Minister of Finance and Prices insisted that you cannot spend more than you earn, and in order to comply with this principle, in the coming year we will work to strengthen the business sector responsible for 85 percent of contributions, and tax administration and discipline by all economic entities, including the non-state sector.
Due to the effect of the wage increase, taxes on the use of the labor force and the contribution to social security should increase, but it must be insisted on the need to raise all that money that does not reach government funds and arises from the illegal exercise of economic activities, she continued.
Bolaños Weiss pointed out that this is one of the points destined to be exploited in the territories, independently of the need to establish order and social discipline, and explained that the tax collection, the struggle against tax evasion, does not only correspond to the National Office of Tax Administration, but also to governments and other institutions.

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