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October Thursday

Cuban province successfully applies transgenic corn sowing in an experimental way

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, Oct 7 (ACN) In an experimental way, the province of Santiago de Cuba(eastern Cuba) implements the sowing of transgenic hybrid corn, destined to food and animal feed production, which will allow reducing imports.

In Contramaestre municipality, which is considered the most important agricultural area of the territory, it was planted the variety SYN 250 in 20 hectares (ha).
Juan Miguel Perez, delegate of the ministry of agriculture (MINAG) in that locality explained that an agricultural production of more than five tons (t) per ha was reached, in correspondence with a high productive potential which can amount to 6.5 tons.
On this occasion, the cultivation of the seed was carried out without the assurance of the appropriate technological and fertilizer package, and a sowing rate of 56, 000 plants per hectare was achieved, a figure twice that of the traditional sowing method, which is more than 37, 000 units.
In this way, the production volume was tripled, in relation to the average of the province, which is 1.5 t per ha.
The practice benefits from the Cooperative Rural Development Project in the Eastern Region (PRODECOR by its Spanish acronym), through which 22 tractors, 300 irrigation systems, eight harvesters and inputs were delivered to guarantee the cultivation, harvest and production of the corn, with the differentiated attention of producers.
The farmers and cooperative members facilitate planting and implement the use of biological means, organic material and bioproducts, replacing fertilizers and other resources imported by the country, Perez added.
Transgenic hybrid corn in Cuba, is a project to be applied in the Island on a larger scale for animal feeding and it was recently presented in the 9th meeting with the group of experts for the Program of Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Education.

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