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October Monday

World voices call to strengthen solidarity with the just causes of the nations

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 24 (ACN) A clamor for strengthening solidarity with Puerto Rico for its independence and with the popular struggles in Chile; and for the integration of the people in their fight for a better world, constituted a virtual event dedicated to the defense of just causes in the continent.

The traditional day of solidarity with Puerto Rico, organized by the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP by its Spanish acronym), concluded on Thursday, as part of the Day of Memory, Solidarity against the Blockade, which will continue until late October.

In the virtual exchange, also coordinated by the Network of Latin American and Caribbean Continental Solidarity with Cuba, its spokesman, Norberto Galioy, called for achieving an emancipating integration in the face of imperialist aggressions and raising all voices together with the Puerto Ricans for independence.

He stressed the need to fight against terrorism promoted by the U.S. and which led to the military coup in Chile on September 11, 1973, "one of the most tragic stages of our people".

Another of the speakers at the event was Cuban intellectual Ricardo Alarcon, who insisted on the need for the governments and people of Latin America and the Caribbean to have a more consistent, stronger attitude in support of the cause of Puerto Rican independence, because sovereignty in the region is incomplete, mutilated, while a territory is missing without achieving emancipation.

For his part, Puerto Rican leader Oscar Lopez Rivera, a symbol of resistance and struggle, evoked the Cry of Lares (September 23, 1868) "when it was demonstrated to Spain that Puerto Rican men and women were willing to die for sovereignty. We Puerto Ricans say that for our homeland we will give everything, until our last breath," he reaffirmed.

The event for the just causes of the continent also was attended by Miguel Lawner Steiman, collaborator of President Salvador Allende and member of the Chilean Movement of Solidarity with Cuba.

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