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October Monday

Cuba Rejects New Spurious Resolution by European Parliament

Havana, Sept 1 (ACN) We strongly reject the new and spurious European Parliament resolution. Cuba does not recognize any moral authority on the part of the European Parliament to pronounce itself, judge and lie about the internal affairs of Cuba.

The statement was made by Yolanda Ferrer, president of the Cuban Parliament’s International Relations Commission in response to an anti-Cuba move by the European Legislative body on September 16, which was promoted by a small group of European lawmakers who are linked to Washington’s agenda.

As previously denounced by the Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power, the European parliament on Thursday managed to impose a new debate on Cuba, which again turns that legislative body into a poor hostage of an aggressive escalation foreign to the genuine European interests and contrary to the spirit of respectful dialog that has prevailed in bilateral relations between Havana and the European Union.

In response to the politicized move several voices raised in defense of Cuba: “The Cuban people’s human rights have constantly been violated for over 60 years since the US imposed its blockade which restricts Cubans access to basic goods,” said Spanish MEP Manu Pineda.

The resolution passed on Thursday against Cuba aims at confrontation, pure and open interference while it puts to question the Cooperation Accord with Cuba to force the return of more reactionary positions against the island, said European deputy Sira Rego.

Brazilian MEP João Pimenta said that once again the legislative body was used for the campaign against Cuba in tune with the US interference and aggression policy, which strengthened under Donald Trump and keeps prevailing under Joe Biden.

Pimenta affirmed his solidarity with Cuba praising the Cuban people’s braveness, dignity and resistance, while he demanded the end of the US blockade and aggressions against the Caribbean island nation.

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