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October Monday

Cuban President Warmly Welcomed in Mexico

Havana, Sept 15 (ACN) Cuban President and First Communist Party Secretary Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez arrived on a state visit Wednesday in Mexico on the invitation of his Mexican counterpart Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The Cuban head of state will attend celebrations for Mexico’s Independence Day September 16.

Upon his arrival, the Cuban president was warmly welcomed by the National Executive Committee of the “Regeneracion Morena” Movement, whose members voiced their respect for the heroic and revolutionary people of Cuba who have withstood imperial aggressions over the past 62 years along with a criminal blockade, according to a report by PL news agency.

Expressions of support for the Cuban socialist revolution and president Diaz-Canel also came from civil society organizations, political parties, solidarity movements, institutions and personalities and Cubans residing in Mexico.

Other supportive expressions with the Cuban President included a demonstration in front of the Cuban embassy in the Federal District, called by the 4t Patria Grande Anti-fascist Committee. Others rejected some opportunistic provocations by some people including former Mexican President Felipe Calderon and leaders of the National Action Party—a rightwing political organization.

Meanwhile, the Communist Party stressed that Mexico welcomed Diaz-Canel with open arms because Cuba represents progress, international cooperation, a beam of light and hope pointing to the possibility of a better world.

The Cuban embassy in Mexico announced welcome ceremonies for President Diaz-Canel on September 16 and 17.


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