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October Thursday

Hurricane Delta leaves Cuba with heavy surges

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 7 (ACN) Hurricane Delta will continue its movement to the northwest, gradually diminishing its influence on Cuba, reported Wednesday the Forecast Center of the Meteorology Institute, which warned about strong swells on the southern coast of the country's western region, which will lessen at night.

According to the Tropical Cyclone Warning number 13, Delta continued its movement to the west northwest and entered the vicinity of Puerto Morelos, a town south of Cancun, at 6:30 a.m., with maximum sustained winds of 175 kilometers per hour, like a cat-2 hurricane of the Saffir Simpson scale and a minimum pressure of 972 hectoPascal.
Clouds and precipitation associated with the external bands that accompany Hurricane Delta have decreased over the western region of Cuba, including the Isle of Youth.
In the next 12 to 24 hours Delta will maintain a similar trajectory and moving speed, to head out to sea at noon today, in the vicinity of Rio Lagartos, the north-central portion of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Once it hits the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, it is expected to intensify again this afternoon.

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