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This is a service we provide on our Website, to promote events, products and institutions services.


This service includes the accreditation of Cuban press to national and international events.
Event planners can also apply to this Department for the participation of the press in conferences, briefing, exclusive appearances and spreading press releases.

Señal ACN Channel

The channel Señal ACN was created with the aim of transferring the contents of Cuban newspapers to Cuban collaborators in Venezuela; this TV signal also reaches Belize, Haiti, Honduras, Bolivia, Dominica and Jamaica. 

Documentation center

Our Documentation Center offers a collection of daily dispatches, by Theme Selecting, that respond to the needs and interests of our clients, ministries, agencies, organizations, institutes, research centers of domestic or foreign press. 


A professional personnel is in charge of our radio service which makes available to its users audio files related to releases issued by the news service. These recordings complement the texts made by our reporters all around the country to form radio news products. 


A staff of renowned photojournalists places on graphic records daily the most important events taking place nationwide and it makes galleries available at: http:// foto.ain.cu.


We disseminate more than 20,000 articles annually in Spanish, with versions in English, French and Russian, which are made by a network of more than 120 experienced journalists based in 16 correspondent’s offices and our Central Office in Havana. 

Special Services

We produce annually more than 1500 reports, articles, reviews, and interviews exclusively for our national and international clients with attractive and very current themes.

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We have over 130 experenced news professionals in 17 offices that give coverage to the entire national territory. (See more)