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January Friday

Cuban easternmost province gives priority to watersheds of national interest

 GUANTANAMO, Cuba, Jan 11 (ACN) Conservation actions amounting to almost 38 million pesos were carried out in the Toa and Guantanamo-Guaso hydrographic basins, in the easternmost Cuban territory and belonging to the group of the 10 nationally prioritized basins, for their economic and environmental benefits.

In both of them, the plan for planting trees in their respective hydro-regulating belts was overfulfilled with quality, engineer Luis Rene Valverde told the Cuban News Agency, who emphasized in the first one (Toa), which includes the most abundant stream in Cuba and its 70 affluents.

Valverde, head of the forestry and wildlife department at the Ministry of Agriculture delegation, specified that the plan of hectares planned for 2021 was surpassed by five %, with precious species recommended for those hydrographic accidents, considered the common home of all Cubans.

Among the species, he listed those recommended by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment to preserve the watersheds and, in general, the soil and waters: ocuje, cedar, pine, majagua and jupiter (timber), and avocado, apricot, sour and sweet orange and cashew (fruit).

He explained that 13, 220,300 pesos were invested in the Guantanamo-Guaso area, which is home to 42 % of its population, and a quarter of that amount was allocated to protect the mangrove, one of the most precious natural resources in any part of Cuba's geography.

The amount assigned to Toa, whose watershed is considered the largest water factory in the insular Caribbean, exceeded 24.5 million pesos and was focused on the protection of soil, water and forests in this huge area of the National System of Protected Areas.

Several projects materialized in 2021 reduced water and wind erosion and sedimentation of 1,346 hectares of soil, and others benefited the conservation of flora and fauna in the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, where 81 initiatives and more than 17,000 actions in support of biodiversity took place.

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