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Bolivian Ambassador Says his Country Advances with its Dream of Unity

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Bolivian Ambassador Says his Country Advances with its Dream of UnityHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 6 (ACN) Bolivia is complying with its dream of territorial integration, unity of the indigenous peoples and social inclusion, thanks to the policies of President Evo Morales, said the South American nation's Ambassador to Cuba, Joaquin Ramon Quintana.

On occasion of the 193rd anniversary of Bolivia's independence and Day of the Bolivian Armada, the diplomat said that after 13 years of Evo in power, his country advances towards the construction of a Pluri-national State that grants the rights and voice to indigenous populations previously mistreated and ignored.

At the Simon Bolivar House Museum in Havana, which was site of celebrations for the historic date, Quintana added that Bolivia is currently working towards industrialization and equal distribution of its richness in addition to cultivating "the spirit of liberation, independence, sovereignty and emancipation".

He added that the government of Evo Morales, with the support and strength of the social movements, have the responsibility of advancing in the unity of the country, which was the dream of el Libertador and the forefathers of Bolivia like Tupac Katari who headed the fight for the liberation of the indigenous communities against Spanish colonial forces.

The Bolivian ambassador took the opportunity to condemn the assassination attempt against constitutionally elected President Nicolas Maduro last Saturday.

He called all to condemn the hateful act, which is an indignation to all citizens, Bolivians and Latin Americans in general headed by those that speak of democracy and "want everyone to believe that they are great leaders of freedom".

As part of the celebrations, an exhibition dedicated to Bolivia was inaugurated with photography showing the natural richness of the Amazon.

Bolivia celebrates its independence from Spanish colonialism every August 6th and the birth of the republic in 1825.


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