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Chavismo triumphed again in Venezuela: Maduro re-elected

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Chavismo triumphed again in Venezuela: Maduro re-electedHAVANA, Cuba, May 21 (ACN) Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros, candidate for the Frente Amplio de la Patria, was reelected this Sunday for a second term as head of the South American nation.

Peace and democracy have triumphed on this historic day in the country, the president wrote on his Twitter account minutes after the official announcement of Chavismo's triumph at the polls.
"We celebrate this new beginning together with the people to lead the country to ultimate prosperity. Let's keep fighting the new battles together!" said Maduro.
Tibisay Lucena, president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), said in a press conference that with 92.6 percent of the electoral information transmitted and with a 46.01 percent participation in the votes - of the more than 20 million of the electors called - Maduro was reelected with 5 million 823,728 votes.
She said that with the participation of eight million 603,936 Venezuelans, the election day took place on which the candidate Henri Falcón only received one million 820,552 votes, while Javier Bertuchi reached 925,042 ballots and Reynaldo Quijada 34,614.
The representative of NEC thanked all the staff for their performance, since they worked tirelessly during the last few weeks to make an organized and transparent process.
The Bolivarian National Armed Force was recognized by Lucena for the deployment of the Plan República, which guaranteed security on this day.
She also highlighted the participation of the people of Venezuela who came out to vote in peace.
We ask everyone, national and international, to respect the results and the people of Venezuela who decided in peace and that is what they want in the future of this country, she said.
She stressed that the electoral process took place without any incident and with the tranquility and civility that characterizes the Venezuelan people in exercising their right to vote during the elections.
Shortly after the CNE press conference, the re-elected President celebrated with Chavista supporters the 22nd victory in 19 years of that nation's main political force.
In an election in which the country's traditional political opposition did not participate and called to refrain from participating in order to delegitimize the results, Chavismo once again won, the fourth in a row since it obtained a majority in the National Constituent Assembly on July 30, 2017, in the elections for governors on October 15 and for the 335 majors on December 10.
We won again," celebrated Maduro Moros as he addressed his supporters outside the Miraflores Palace.
From my heart, thank you for so much nobility, courage, courage and popular awareness. Thank you for your values and for overcoming the aggressions and lies, and for accompanying me in so many fights," he said.
Here we are with the people, victorious, ready to continue working for a country for all, he stressed.
With 67.7 percent of the popular votes of the voters who attended the polls, Nicolas Maduro won the presidency, 47 points ahead of his closest challenger, Henri Falcon, of the Advanced Progressive movement.
The re-elected president stressed that this victory marks the end of a cycle in Venezuela and the beginning of a new period of consolidation of Chavista power in social, political and economic terms, following the war that this nation has faced on all fronts to suffocate the Revolution that Hugo Chávez Frías began at the end of the 1990s.


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