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New provocations of the Cuban counterrevolution in Peru

Tamaño letra:

New provocations of the Cuban counterrevolution in PeruLIMA, Peru, Apr 12 (ACN) The members of the legitimate Cuban civil society that represents more than two thousand organizations of the Island and that attend in this capital to the forums of the VIII Summit of the Americas, denounced today serious provocations in Lima, where new offensive advertising billboards were placed against Cuba.

Yuri Pérez, an academic and vice-dean of the University of Havana's Law School, demanded respect for Cuba in the civil society forum, which he is part of the coalition 15 For an Inclusive and Respectful World.
In this afternoon's sessions at the Sheraton Hotel in Lima, he called for recognition of the diversity that characterizes the region.
Pérez denounced the hostile behavior and aggressions against Cuba that have appeared in avenues of the Peruvian capital during the last few days, in the form of billboards and advertisements, with offenses against the political system chosen by the majority of Cubans.
For the Caribbean lawyer, one of his biggest concerns is that to place a large-format billboard on a downtown avenue in this city of almost 10 million people, you need an authorization and a license to obtain the permit, he said.
On behalf of coalition 15, he asked the organizers of the 8th Summit of the Americas and the country's authorities to heed this call because Cuba came with a respectful speech, and undoubtedly demands and expects equal treatment, he added.
Mercenary groups at the service of foreign powers have tried to cast a shadow over Cuba's image and show themselves in Lima as representatives of Cuban society, despite the fact that they have no prestige or legitimacy in the country.
It was known that the cost of a billboard can exceed tens of thousands of dollars and climb to hundreds of thousands, while the origin of the funds used to pay for these provocations in downtown Lima is unknown.
Solidarity Peruvians were outraged on Tuesday at the counterrevolutionary messages that appeared on banners near the Jorge Chávez international airport and broke the posters and replaced them with live ones, and the phrase that has become viral in recent days: Don't mess with Cuba.


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