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Civil society forum opens, Cuba will participate

Tamaño letra:

Civil society forum opens, Cuba will participateLIMA, Peru, Apr 11 (ACN) Coalition 15, For an Inclusive and Respectful World, of the Civil Society Forum of the VIII Summit of the Americas, in which 68 Cuban representatives of the more than two thousand non-governmental organizations of the Island will participate, will meet this Wednesday afternoon.

According to Fermín Quiñones Sánchez, president of the Cuban Association of the United Nations (Acnu), the coalition will meet this Wednesday afternoon in the halls of the Sheraton Hotel in Lima.
Quiñones Sánchez, who coordinates Cuba's participation in these forums, confirmed that today 14 of the 28 hemispheric civil society coalitions met.
Today´s afternoon, we will meet to discuss the thematic axes of the VIII Summit of the Americas: democratic governance in the face of corruption, he said.
He added that important decisions will be taken and contributions will be made to the debates of the leaders next Friday.
The work of coalition 15, which brings together more than 200 actors from 19 countries, will continue the work that Cuban civil society began in October 2017, on its way to Lima.
Regarding other events in which representatives of Cuban civil society on Peruvian soil have participated, the president of the Acnu reported that a group of religious leaders from the island attended an inter-religious convention, organized by the coalitions of the forums, and made up of Christian counterpart organizations.
Quiñones Sánchez denounced that the organizers have kept the information of those who are in session in complete secrecy, and only the space for debate that corresponds to Cuba is known.
He stressed that the silence on organizational issues has prevented Cubans from actively exchanging with other coalitions on various criteria and positions regarding corruption, governance and sustainable development issues in the context of other working groups.
During the Hemispheric Dialogue on March 21, the Cuban delegation criticized the lack of transparency of the organizers of the VIII Summit.
Quiñones Sánchez regretted that a group of foreign personalities were not accepted to form part of coalition 15 of the civil society forum, despite the fact that 13 of them had applied for accreditation.
However, we reaffirm that the coalition is open and willing to exchange with others, based on respect for our determination to defend the Cuban political, economic and social system and Socialism in Cuba, he concluded.

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