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October Tuesday

Cuba Denounced Counterrevolutionary Maneuvers in Peru

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 21 (ACN) Cuban ambassador Juan Antonio Fernandez denounced on Wednesday in Lima, Peru, the counterrevolutionary maneuvers to delegitimize Cuba in the forums of the 8th Summit of the Americas where "people of questionable trajectory and a political agenda of provocations and subversion" attended.

During the Hemispheric Dialog held on Wednesday in Lima as a prelude to the upcoming Summit, the Cuban diplomat lashed at the makeup of the 26 approved thematic Coalition of the next Forum of Civil Society that act on behalf of the so-called Latin American Network of Youth for Democracy, coordinated by members of the Cuban counterrevolutionary sector.

The credibility of the Forum is very much related with the quality of its participants and the debate of the approved issues, without politicizing or with the offensive presence of the camouflaged elements of civil society, said Fernandez.

He also expressed Cuba's condemnation in the exclusion of Venezuela from the 8th Summit and argued that, "Our America will be mutilated without the participation of one of the countries of the continent that has contributed to the independence and integration ideals of Latin America and the Caribbean".

The Cuban diplomat said that this dialog and the event itself in Lima should be a meeting point for all of the nations of the hemisphere in search for alliances, consensus, feelings and debates, respecting diversity.

Coinciding with the Hemispheric Dialog between spokespersons of the 28 approved thematic coalition and representatives of regional governments, the 2nd Forum on Cuban civil society was being held in Havana with the presence of representatives of over 8 thousand organizations, NGO's, religious, scientific and fraternal entities.

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