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Cuba declares its solidarity with the Palestinian people in the UN

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Cuba declares its solidarity with the Palestinian people in the UNHAVANA, Cuba, Dec 1 (ACN) Cuban Ambassador Humberto Rivero expressed in the United Nations (UN) the solidarity of his country towards the Palestinian people, and demanded the end of the Israeli occupation, which causes so much damage in the region.

Cuba supports the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle for justice, dignity, peace and the defense of their inalienable right to self-determination and sovereignty, said Rivero, according to a Prensa Latina report.
Speaking at the General Assembly debate on the Palestinian issue, the diplomat expressed deep concern over the crisis in the Gaza Strip.
In his opinion, it is time to pay off the enormous debt owed to the State of Palestine and to restore the inalienable rights of his people, violated by Israel during half a century of occupation, repression and collective punishment, destruction and confiscation of their lands and forced displacements.
The Security Council must adopt concrete measures to put an end to this historical injustice, putting an urgent end to the occupation by Israel of the Palestinian territory and other Arab territories, since 1967, Rivero said.
He also called for an immediate end to the blockade of almost a decade to the Gaza Strip, which almost completely isolates some two million civilians living in the area.
In Gaza, a serious humanitarian crisis persists and the socio-economic conditions have fallen to the lowest levels since the beginning of the occupation in 1967, denounced the Cuban ambassador.
The General Assembly adopted in November 2012 the decision to grant Palestine the status of Observer State in the UN: as at that time, Cuba will continue to support the entry of that Arab country as a full member of the UN, he stressed.
The Cuban representative also denounced the numerous violations of human rights committed by Israel and called for all the support of the international community to put an end to this situation.

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