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Tribute to Fidel Castro in Different Parts of the World

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Tribute to Fidel Castro in Different Parts of the WorldHAVANA, Cuba, Nov 20 (acn) The A.S. Griboyedov International Law and Economy Institute in Russia opened a classroom on Monday with the name of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

According to a report on CubaMinrex website, the new classroom was inaugurated during a ceremony with the presence of Cuba's Ambassador to Cuba in Russia, Emilio Lozada and the Dean of the Higher Institute, Nikolaiy Pototskiy.

Lozada thanked the noble gesture in reconiging the figure of Fidel Castro who did so much in favor of strengthening the friendship ties between the Russian people and governments.

Directives, professors and students of the Institute were also present. The opening of the classroom is part of activities underway in different parts of the world on the first anniversary of the physical disappearance of Fidel Castro on November 25th.

CubaMinrex website also highlights a tribute to the leader of the Revolution held at the State University of the Autonomous Republic of Najichevan, in Azerbaijan.

Over a hundred students from the international relations and foreign languages schools of the center participated in a special conference offered by the Cuban ambassador in that nation, Alfredo Nieves Portuondo, on the history leader of the Cuban revolutionary process.

During the tribute, the Cuban diplomat highlighted Fidel's legacy in defense of sovereignty and the self-determination of the peoples, his role in the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries and his leadership in the anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist battles.

Meanwhile in the Latin American Salon in the Japanese capital, a Seminar on Fidel in Foreign Policy of the Cuban Revolution; validity of his thinking, sponsored by the Cuban embassy was held with the participation of renowned Cuban and Japanese diplomats and academics.

Those present recalled their experience with Fidel and highlighted the influence of his ideas and action in Cuba's international projection since 1959.

Ambassador Carlos Miguel Pereira expressed his conviction in the capacity of Fidel's thinking to unite the peoples in different parts of the world and culture.

He stressed that he believes that the profound and sincere debates of Fidel's ideas constitutes an opportunity to strengthen ties between Cuba and Japan about his values and concerns that, without a doubt, both nations share.

The researcher of Latin American Affairs, Mishihiro Shindo spoke on the principles that guide Fidel and Cuba's actions in the international arena, in particular humanism, anti-imperialism and internationalism.

Journalist Hiroaki Idaka, who translated Ignacio Ramonet's book 100 Hours with Fidel into Japanese, spoke on the manipulation and almost obsession of the international and even Japanese media outlets.

The former Japanese ambassador to Cuba, Mutsuo Mabuchi from 2000 to 2003, highlighted the profound impression Fidel Castro had in him and the love that he generated to the Cuban people.

The participants highlighted the struggle of Fidel for world peace not just as a dream but also as an urgent need for humanity to survive.

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