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Bolivian Family with Names of Cuban Heroes

Tamaño letra:

SANCTI SPIRITUS, Cuba, Oct 9 (acn) Tony Ernesto and Nelson Cartagena Cuba are part of a Bolivian family that have the names of Cuban heroes because their father has always admired the historic figures of the Caribbean island.

They are members of the Through the Paths of Che International Solidarity Brigade which arrived to the province of Sancti Spiritus last Thursday touring places of historic, cultural and social interests and learn about the island's reality.

My older brother is named Fidel and my sister Tania in honor of the leader of the Revolution and Tania the Guerrilla, respectively; and Tony's middle name is Ernesto after Che, said Nelson who together with Tony traveled to Havana and other provinces with the international brigade.

I am the only of four brothers that is not named after a Cuban leader, but my father baptized me in honor of Nelson Mandela and it makes me happy, said the 21 year and student in Business Administration.

Tony Ernesto, 24 year olds, is a graduate of Tourism in 2015 but said that he did not know about the quality of tourism until he arrived to Cuba because there is a profound human content that allows a visitor to appreciate the roots, characteristics and the culture of the Cuban people.

According to his words, both youth were anxious in visiting the land of Marti in order to see things for their own and not listen to distorted information.

We, said Tony Ernesto, are in Cuba for conviction and revolutionary ideology and from now on no one will invent false stories because we have seen the reality.

During their stay in Sancti Spiritus the over 220 members of the international brigade from 13 countries toured the Camilo Cienfuegos Historic Complex in the municipality of Yaguajay, where they learned on the life of the legendary hero.

The brigadistas were also at Manaca Ranzola in the El Pedrero zone, municipality of Fomento where Commander Ernesto Che Guevara established his headquarters at the end of 1958 after the invasion from the Sierra Maestra Mountains to extend the war throughout the country in the last stage of the country's independence.

The solidarity activists shared experiences with workers, campesinos and students though the grass roots organizations in Sancti Spiritus.


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