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The Largest Tribute in History to Che in Bolivia

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The Largest Tribute in History to Che in BoliviaHAVANA, Cuba, Oct 5 (acn) The largest tribute in history to Ernesto Che Guevara in Bolivia began on Thursday in the province of Vallegrande, department of Santa Cruz in honor of the presence of Che in the South American nation when he fell in combat 60 years ago.

Bolivia's ambassador to Cuba, Juan Ramon Quintana told the press that it will be five days of multiple initiatives to remember Che in Bolivia.

According to the diplomat, representatives of organizations and social movements, intellectuals and leaders of Latin American and the world will participate in the group of activities in tribute to the memory of the Legendary Cuban-Argentine Guerrilla.

He mentioned that the international event is being held in a context in which the ideas of Che must be present now that conservative forces attempt to destroy the progressive and revolutionary movements.

We are remembering Che in a turbulent world with wars, invasions and unilateral occupations, said the Bolivian diplomat while recalling that Cuba continues suffering from the US economic, commercial and financial blockade.

As part of the meeting's agenda, named "50 Years of Che in Bolivia", Quintana Taborga said that fairs, photographic expositions, book presentations and films will be held in addition to artistic performances and guided visits to La Higuera, town where Che was assassinated.

Debate tables will be installed on the political and economic thinking of Che and an international forum on anti-imperialist communicators.

A central activity will be held on October 9th headed by Bolivian President Evo Morales together with his cabinet and official delegations, said the ambassador.

Quintana Taborga expressed the satisfaction that Bolivia along with Cuba is the epicenter in paying tribute to Che and said that the Bolivian President wants his country to be like Havana, capital of the world where the thinking and work of Che irradiates.


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