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Senator Patrick Leahy Rejects Reprisal Against Cuban Diplomats

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Senator Patrick Leahy Rejects Reprisal Against Cuban DiplomatsHAVANA, Cuba, Oct 3 (ACN) US Senator Patrick Leahy rejected on Tuesday through Twitter Washington's decision to expel 15 Cuban diplomats from its Embassy in DC, action which he characterized as a reprisal.

The Democrat from Vermont said that the US has the right and duty of protecting the diplomats that serves abroad but before taking reprisals against another country, it must have evidence on the alleged attacks against its diplomats in Cuba.

He added that Trump's decision was to punish Cuba and recognized that there are no evidence of who or whom have inflicted in the effects of the US diplomats in Cuba.

We are punishing the Cubans for not preventing something in which there is no evidence and if they are implicated in the issue, he commented.

Leahy pointed out that his country's decision will not help solve the mystery of the alleged attack and this will not make the US diplomats safer.

Patrick Leahy, who has been an active defender of the process of normalization of relations between Cuba and the US in Congress, which began in December of 2014, believes that the expulsion of the Cuban diplomats is not a good move because it halts the ties between both nations.

The Cuban government has demonstrated the commitment in discussing about the concerns, which was not discussed previously and this now will reduce the dialogue even further, he concluded.

The President of Engage Cuba, James Williams says that the expulsion the Cuban diplomats in Washington is a political move.

He said that this move is only favoring a handful of individuals in Capitol Hill urging to stop the progress in relations between both countries.

If the United States takes a solution to the alleged attacks seriously, they should not place any obstacles in Cuba's cooperation during this critical time of the investigation, he said.

The president of the coalition highlighted that expelling the Cuban representatives will not solve the case, nor improve the US personnel's safety and will become more difficult for thousands of Cuban residents in the US to visit their relatives on the island.

Regarding the reduction of more than half the US personnel in the embassy in Havana, Williams said that those responsible for the possible attacks against US representatives must be detained and taken to court.

He pointed out that we must be careful that the response given does not play with the alleged aggressions, which clearly looks to interrupt the process towards normalization of relations and could establish a dangerous precedent to be used by the enemies of the US in the world.

It is upsetting that the Trump administration takes advantage of this delicate moment of the investigation to warn the people in the US not to travel to Cuba given the fact that none of the alleged attacks were directed to US visitors which adds up to over 300 thousand so far this year, he said.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez characterized as unacceptable
Trump's decision to expel 15 Cuban diplomats from its embassy in Washington.

The expulsion of the Cuban diplomats represents an important setback to relations between both countries which had been reestablished on July 20 th, 2015 after half a century of hostilities.


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