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Ciego de Avila Leads in Exports of Vegetable Coal to Europe

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Ciego de Avila Leads in Exports of Vegetable Coal to EuropeCIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, Aug 28 (acn) The province of Ciego de Avila leads in the country's export of coal from marabu trees to European nations with some 23 metric tons since 2010 to the end of July of this year favoring the national economy.

Coal brigades based in the municipalities of Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, Las Tunas and Granma is managed by the Ceballos Agro-Industrial Company using Caribe Citricos S.A. to export to Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and other European countries.

The coal workers work any time of the day in areas with abundant marabu in places like Manzanillo, Colombia, Guaimaro and surrounding zones in the municipalities of Ciego de Avila and Camaguey.

Bringas Fernandez pointed out that the objective of this initiative, which began in 2007 is to contribute in strengthening the country's economy with hard currency aimed at agro-industrial projects and increase the financial capacity on the island.

Italy was the first country in purchasing this type of coal, which later extended to other European nations representing large earnings for Cuba, said Florentino Delgado Martinez, Agriculture specialist.

He added that the amount of coal to Europe is much higher than reported because other entities in the province like Comprehensive Forest, Flora and Fauna, and La Cuba Various Crops entity among others, also export the coal but in smaller quantities.

The Ceballos Agro-Industrial Company maintain a strict control in the production of coal of its workers dedicated in guaranteeing the quality of its exports. Each phase has specific technical controls, in size and width of the tree trucks, said Delgado Martinez.

Specialist Agapito Canizares from Bolivia in Ciego de Avila affirms that the work requires technique and dedication, the area must be cleaned, cut the tree properly and once the so called oven is prepared the specialist must permanently watch the process.


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