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Cuba Fifth in Regional Air Traffic Control

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Cuba Fifth in Regional Air Traffic ControlHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 9 (acn) Cuba is in fifth Place in air control operations in the area of the Caribbean Central and South America only surpassed by large countries like Argentina and Brazil.

During a tour through the National Air Navigation Company, the Operations Director Ricardo Martinez Gonzalez explained that almost all of the traffic from Central and South America on route to Florida and other main US airports must pass over Cuba.

He pointed out that the majority of the Latin American countries does not have the air traffic that Cuba has, while the growth rate predicted by the International Civil Aviation Organization will experience a hike of 3 percent compared to 2016.

Martinez pointed out that the air traffic controllers' terminology is in disuse and now they refer to straight lines and short distances conceived in the Regional Navigation plan, which is currently in a redefinition process.

The first stage of the remodeling process will be completed next October which will contribute with more optimum routes, less fuel consumption and limited toxic gas emissions to the environment.

Cuba broke the barrier of the 300 thousand annual operations in traffic control in the last five years and this year the island surpassed the figure of 350 thousand controlled flights, (over 800 daily and with peaks that surpass the one thousand), said the specialist.

He said that regarding air navigation a larger number of routes surpass the province of Ciego de Avila province.

American Airlines has 25 percent of the total daily operations that fly over the island's airspace in fights to different destinations, followed by corporative and private aircrafts.

The air traffic controllers guarantee the safety of the aircrafts when they land, takeoff and fly over Cuban airspace, aided by a radar network; its main function is to prevent collisions between planes, guarantee the direct flow, free and safety of the flights.


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