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Solidarity Gestures enhance Friendship Between Cuba and Ecuador

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Solidarity Gestures enhance Friendship Between Cuba and EcuadorSANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, May 3 (ACN) Cuba is an example of solidarity and heroism to the world, said today young people from Ecuador studying at the University of Medical Sciences (UCM by its Spanish acronym) in Santiago de Cuba, who are looking forward to their president Rafael Correa.

They enjoy these scholarships thanks to the collaboration agreements between both governments, and to the project of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM by its Spanish acronym).
Juliáa de la Torre, group leader of that nation in the UCM, showed pride because they continue with the Citizen Revolution in a country with more than 16 million inhabitants, and that in the last decade experienced the most stable period of history with priority in the formation of the new generations.
He said that Correa's arrival at the Carondelet Palace resulted in the transfer of power to the people and the active incorporation of Ecuador into the political, economic and social transformations that Latin America has experienced in the last stage, which is why it is a moment of peace and union.
Nivi María García, a doctor in the specialty of Rheumatology, thanked to be in the areas of development that strengthen and integrate the peoples of the region, and revealed her pride in leading times of construction of an inclusive, caring and just society.
Not to follow the guidelines from international organizations was Correa's government achievement that rescued the nation from abduction in which power groups held it and established new international relations as achievements of the Citizen's Revolution recognized globally, García said.
After Hurricane Sandy, in 2012, the Ecuadorian government built a student residence with excellent conditions at Santiago UCM, which benefits students from more than 20 nationalities and Cubans.
That beautiful gesture of brotherhood further elevates the close ties of friendship between the two peoples, and will become clear with the visit of the Ecuadorian president to Cuba, said Ramon Romero, head of foreign scholarship at the center.


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