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Puerto Ricans Reaffirm Commitment with Cuba and Fidel

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Puerto Ricans Reaffirm Commitment with Cuba and FidelGuantanamo, Cuba, Apr 19 (acn) The main objective of Puerto Rican solidarity activists currently visiting Guantanamo is to honor the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro and reaffirm their commitment in solidarity with Cuba.

The delegation is made up by 40 representatives of different social organizations in Puerto Rico that celebrated on Wednesday the 56th anniversary of the Victory of the Bay of Pigs ratifying their commitment to continue the struggle for the elimination of all foreign military bases in the world especially the illegally occupied US installation in Cuba since 1903.

The Puerto Rican visitors pointed out the great expectations with the release of independence activist Oscar Lopez Rivera next May 17th constituting a victory of the people of the Caribbean island and all the friends that have demanded his liberation from prison, among them, the Cuban people.

In an exchange at the site of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), the solidarity activists received information on the significant progress that, after the triumph of the Revolution, has had the town of Caimanera located on the border of the illegal US base in Guantanamo.

The Puerto Rican representatives presented delicate information on the current state of the island of Vieques, area used as a US military base for over 70 years as a bombing site and weapon storage.

Saul Gonzalez, member of the delegation and representative of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party gave examples of the contamination of the region and victims of Vieques due to the negligent cleaning process underway in the area since the departure of the US marines in 2003.

Guantanamo will be one of the main destinations for the Juan Rius Rivera Brigade during their visit to Cuba in 2018 and will include an exchange with the residents of Baracoa, which were hit last October by Hurricane Matthew.

The Director of the Brigade and President of the Solidarity with Cuba Committee in Puerto Rico, Milagros Rivera Perez was granted a commemorative stamp of the city.

Rivera Perez said that the honor is multiplied with such recognition of a nation so heroic like Cuba's eastern region, cradle and pillar of the Cuban Revolution.

The tour of the delegation that began in Holguin a week ago included a tribute to the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery and an exchange with Cuban solidarity committees. The Juan Rius Rivera Brigade is also expected to visit the town of Biran, birthplace of the Commander and Chief.


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