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Museum Pieces Related to Coffee Donated to Casa Dranguet

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HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 6 (ACN) The Center of Interpretation and Promotion of Coffee Culture Heritage Casa Dranguet in Santiago de Cuba received a donation of several equipment related to the tradition of coffee cultivation for its upcoming public exhibition.

The donation came from the personal belongings of French Alfred Conesa, consultant to the French-Belgium Malongo Foundation

According to the website of the Conservation Office of Santiago de Cuba - http://internos.occnet.cu- the objective is to show the pieces, first for their value and later incorporate them to the exponents of the Casa Dranguet, located close to the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Park in the center of the city.

Also includes in addition to the machinery, was a broad bibliography on coffee, infusion made in many countries, in particular in Cuba.

The Casa Dranguet is distinguished for the variety of its programming that includes the knowledge of the grain and drinking the beverage in events and performance of singers, coral groups, dances and theater presentations.

The house opened its doors in 2015 on occasion of the city's 500 th anniversity and is part of the Los Caminos del Café (Coffee Route) project directed in maintaining the coffee heritage in the eastern mountains with financing from the European Union, Malongo Foundation and the Conservation Office.

The two story colonial house includes the tradition of the cultivation in Cuba in 1748 in Havana and later to the east by French colonizers who brought the correct methodology.

Objects related to the consumption and production of coffee in the 19 th and 20th century are exhibited in the house as well as porcelain coffee pots from various countries, coffee toasters, grinders, coffee crushers, strainers and other utensils.

A 19th century house with furniture, family photos and decorative elements are found in the house where Carlos Dranguet lived, son of French decedents and important coffee plantation owner, and politician.

A cafeteria offers a variety of coffees for a visitor to taste with a suggestion of requesting the Café Dranguet.


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