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Plenary of the Communist Party in Las Tunas Analyze the work of the Health Sector

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Plenary of the Communist Party in Las Tunas Analyze the work of the Health SectorLas Tunas, Cuba, Jun 16 (ACN) The 7th Plenary of the Provincial Committee of the Cuban Communist Party in Las Tunas, recognized on Friday the progress of the health sector and analyzed the existing potential for the elimination of inefficiencies that prevent from offering better assistance to the population.

The meeting, which was presided by Ariel Santana Santiesteban, First Secretary of the Party in the territory was highlighted by the evidence of unity among the political structures, union administration and other groups that reflect in the outcome of the different spheres and centers of the sector.

Dr. Ernesto Guevara Hospital, main institution of the health sector in the province has had a maternal mortality rate of 0 in over two years and infant mortality rate of 2.4 per one thousand live births and the waiting list for surgeries has been reduced dramatically, he said.

This hospital recovered a surgery room and birth ward while a modern tomography was installed.

Other work that has favored the sector is the reparation of family doctors' offices. Out of the 534 in the province, 69 were recovered in 2016 and so far this year thanks to the project called Everything for Health 32 have been refurbished.

Despite these results, directives of the Health sector invited to the meeting explained that the sector has the basic task of working in order for the province to maintain the rate of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito at 0; and make sure that the family doctors office work as conceived by the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro; continue the work in improving work with the over 101 thousand elderly in the province of Las Tunas.

Santana Santiesteban recognized the work developed in each municipality in hygiene but urged to continue working to prevent illness and complications in the population.

Regarding the work of the youth, he explained the importance in offering adequate attention in order for that generation to respond to the professional and technical needs in the sector.


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