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March Saturday

Cuba restores precious canvases in Historical Museum of central province of the country

CIENFUEGOS, Cuba, Feb 2 (ACN) The restoration of 10 canvases by painter Camilo Salaya Soto, from the Philippines and Spain(Madrid), located in the false ceiling of the Provincial Historical Museum of Cienfuegos, highlight among the construction works that have been carried out in the cultural institution during the past two years.

Yeyler Ramos Chavez, Jose Ernesto Saborido Martin and Jose Abel Gonzalez Cuellar, members of the 200th Anniversary Group, were in charge of the recovery of these iconic pieces of art, which were in very bad condition due, among other factors, to humidity caused by filtrations, dust, the use of inadequate materials in previous repairs and the passage of time.
Ramos Chavez told Cuban News Agency that they first carried out a previous assessment to determine the seriousness of the damage to the canvases, which were very sensitive, some of them semi-detached and others detached in their entirety.
After eliminating the previous restorations, he said, they had to choose less invasive methods for the paintings, such as re-embellishing some of them, patching others to avoid further damage, taking photos to keep the memory of the originals and replacing some areas of color.
Besides Salaya Soto's paintings, members of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Heritage worked on other pieces such as Juan Roldan's Foundation, Adolfo Meana's La Esclava and Miguel Angel Melero's Marina, all of them significant authors in the history of art in the country.

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