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Cuba will raise prices for water supply services in 2020

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Cuba will raise prices for water supply services in 2020HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 13 (ACN) From 2020 Cuba will implement a reordering in the system of prices for water consumption, with a view to promoting an awareness of rational and efficient consumption of the country's water resources, Bladimir Matos Moya, first vice-president of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH), informed the press on Wednesday.

Previously, a statement from that institution indicated that the charge will be progressive and will apply to users of the productive, budgeted and domestic sectors that have meters.

Matos Moya stressed that the update is not done to increase dividends of the company, but to encourage savings. In fact, he explained that the energy consumption of the activity is considered among the highest in the country, and neither that, nor other variables are added to the price, but assumed by the State.

It was reported that for the domestic and budgeted sectors, the price for consumption within the norm (three cubic meters of water per person per month) does not vary, while in the productive sector it does increase, because signs of irrational use of the resource have been detected.

In the case of Self-Employed Workers, Matos Moya acknowledged that a good part of the activity takes place in their own homes, so that with the planned restructuring will apply the domestic tariff, according to personal consumption, and the productive from the additional consumption.

Given that these provisions will cover only those who have installed meter water meters, the company provides for the assembly of more than 200,000 devices of this type each year, so as to organize and cover all users in a few years.

The first vice-president of INRH stressed that as progress is made in this regard, another objective of the company is to improve the efficiency and quality of service, and that the installation of meters will be gradual, giving priority to the rehabilitation of networks before they are put into operation.

In March of this year, the Council of Ministers approved the restructuring of the tariff system for services associated with the aqueduct and sewerage activity in the country.


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