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June Saturday

Cuba releases new regulations for private data networks

Cuba releases new regulations for private data networksHAVANA, Cuba, May 29 (ACN) As part of the process of computerization of society and in order to optimize the use of the radio spectrum, the Ministry of Communications (MINCOM) approved new regulations that enable services and operations related to the use of private data networks.

The MINCOM resolutions, published today in the Extraordinary Official Gazette, enable the creation of private data networks for natural persons, a possibility currently only enjoyed by organizations and entities.

Once the provisions enter into force, citizens who wish to apply for the license to operate private networks outside the home, and use the band frequencies of 2,400 to 2,483.5 megahertz (MHz) and 5,725 to 5, 850 MHz.

The wired connection of this type of network may reach the homes of a building and other houses within the block where the core of the network is - without going through the public road - explained Wilfredo Lopez Rodriguez, director of regulations of the ministry.

He said that to reach people belonging to another private network can make use of the wireless connection, with external antenna that does not exceed its effective radiated power of 100 milliwatts (mW).

The network license for these cases will have a value of 10 Cuban pesos and a validity of two years, he said.

In addition, private data networks (wired or wireless) will be able to connect to each other through the public network - Cuban Telecommunications Company, ETECSA.

In the case of natural persons who wish to use a personal network within their homes, non-profit, do not require authorization.

It also enables the establishment of outdoor antennas by natural persons and their private networks to link to public networks - WIFI areas - through an operating license, for a value of 10 pesos in national currency and valid for five years.

In order to obtain the license for private wireless networks with external antenna, the owner of the dwelling must be the owner of the premises, and in the case of the account owners, the premises where they carry out their activity require the prior authorization of the lessor, owner or usufructuary of the property.

Another novelty is that people may import, without commercial character, wireless technology equipment that complies with established regulations.

People must apply for technical authorization to enter the country of the devices, which will be done through the MINCOM web portal, e-mail or personally at the territorial addresses of the Technical Budget Unit for Radio Spectrum Control (UPTCER).

In addition, the commercialization in the retail network of homologated equipment within the country will be enabled.

The regulations will enter into force within 60 days and from that date network owners will have the same period of time to formalize their network according to the requirements established by the rules.

According to Ana Julia Marine, Vice Minister of Communications, the radio spectrum constitutes a limited, inalienable, imprescriptible and unembargable resource, whose exclusive property is exercised by the Cuban State, and which is essential for the development of modern radio communications systems that integrate the national and international radio communications systems of the country.

The legal norms that regulate the use of spectrum are necessary to optimize it, avoid interference and the degradation of public services provided by the operator, he said.

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