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June Wednesday

Parliamentary working committees to oversee the sale of building materials

Parliamentary working committees to oversee the sale of building materialsHAVANA, Cuba, Mar 8 (ACN) The work of stores that sell construction materials to subsidized people will be subject to analysis by several working commissions of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP) with a view to the next extraordinary session of the Cuban legislative body, as reported in a videoconference from the National Capitol.

Esteban Lazo, member of the Political Bureau of the Party and president of the parliament, led the exchange with participants from all provinces, who stressed the importance of this issue as public policy outlined by the country and the great impact it has on the population, so it is crucial to know how it is being implemented at the base.

We are in moments of defending more than ever the efforts made by the State in this human work, despite the economic situation and the current international context, he said.

A note from the ANPP's Institutional Communication Department states that this process complies with the indication of carrying out a deep control and inspection of the construction materials stores that serve subsidized persons.

The videoconference was attended by the addresses of the committees involved (Service, Economic Affairs and Industry, Construction and Energy), as well as the related administrative addresses of the Provincial Assemblies of People's Power, deputies of these three committees in the territories and representatives of the media.

Santiago Lajes Choy, president of the Commission of Industry, Constructions and Energy, called from Camagüey to give special integral attention to the problem, and to follow up from the moment the person obtains the subsidy until he builds his house, which is at the end where the impact of the action is felt.

Those who coordinate the process should meet with the directors and visit the people affected, and also evaluate compliance with the plans, he said.

He insisted on the need to have stores for subsidized persons, or that in mixed establishments it is guaranteed to separate the products corresponding to the subsidized persons.

It is also essential that the stores have an adequate supply and permanence of products, and continue to expand the network, one of the main suggestions of the population.

Jorge Luis Villa, vice-president of the Economic Affairs Commission, referred to the economic-financial aspects that must be deepened, such as compliance with adequate procedures for control and inspection, financial operation times, analysis of the causes of unexecuted balances, verification of the disaggregation of plans in establishments, prices exposed according to the established, and systematic conciliation between internal dependencies and the bank.

The note states that participants from the provinces through the videoconference system had the opportunity to present their experiences, clarify doubts and organize the work.

It will be an audit of more than 70% of the total number of people benefited, which should not remain only in this analysis, but it should be a systematic practice to check actions and project solutions from local production and national industry.

María del Carmen Concepción González, president of the Commission of Attention to the Services in the ANPP, explained the process of steps that must be executed before the topic reaches its joint discussion by the three commissions mentioned in the next extraordinary session of the Cuban legislature, and it was informed that the sectors of Finance, Work, Housing, Bank, Commerce and other corresponding organisms in each territory must accompany the deputies in this process.

Before concluding, Lazo Hernandez called once again to combat social indisciplines and to carry out each task entrusted with depth and quality.

To do this, it is vital to unite delegates and mass organizations, and carry out this exercise together for legality, discipline, sensitivity and respect for the laws, he emphasized.

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