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President Díaz-Canel checks on recovery actions after hurricane Michael

Tamaño letra:

President Díaz-Canel checks on recovery actions after hurricane MichaelPINAR DEL RIO, Cuba, Oct 11 (ACN) Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, checked on Sunday in Pinar del Río the work of recovery after the passing of hurricane Michael on the westernmost province of Cuba.

In the community of El Vizcaíno, Diaz-Canel toured sites dedicated to tobacco cultivation that show affectations caused by the hurricane, and inquired there with neighbors about the actions for the restoration of electric service, according to the Tele Pinar digital site.

Also in the set of tunnels belonging to the Tobacco Company of San Juan and Martinez, Diaz-Canel evidenced the recovery work in the emblematic crop of the largest producer of leaf in Cuba.

During a meeting to analyze the main damage caused by the hurricane in Vueltabajo - with members of the Provincial Defense Council and ministers from the most affected sectors - he learned about the situation with the electricity networks, housing and transportation, according to the press.

According to the digital site Radio Guamá, the greatest damage to tobacco was in the seedbeds; however, work is already underway to restore it.

Likewise, he knew that the reservoirs are at 99 percent of their total filling capacity and only one of the 24 existing in the province are not releasing excess water.

The Cuban President knew that although some bakeries were without electricity, bread is guaranteed to the basic basket and the production of biscuits.

On this day, Salvador Valdés Mesa, First Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers, also visited sites affected by Michael, especially in the municipality of Sandino and in the popular council Isabel Rubio of Guane.


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