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Brazilian journalists condemn new US sanctions against Cuba

Tamaño letra:

Brazilian journalists condemn new US sanctions against CubaHavana, Sep 9 (ACN) Brazilian journalists, members of the group Amigos de Cuba ( Friends of Cuba), condemned today the new US sanctions against the Caribbean island, reported Prensa Latina News Agency.

The group joins the international solidarity campaign with Cuba in the face of the new aggressive behavior of Donald Trump's administration.
Trump addresses all his hatred towards Cuba restricting the remittances that Cuban residents in US send to their relatives and close friends, establishing travel restrictions for US citizens to Havana and applying additional financial sanctions against it, the statement says.
For the journalists' group, Trump is trying to undermine Cuba's growing tourism industry, which has received nearly one million American tourists annually, as well as millions from other parts of the world who visit it to enjoy its inhabitants' hospitality and natural wonders.
The Cuban people, as the statement points out, know that Trump's resurgence of hatred is motivated by Cuba's firm position of full solidarity with Venezuela and against imperialist initiatives aimed at taking advantage of that country's precious oil reserves.
Besides ratifying our solidarity with Cuba, 'we hope that US citizens will also respond to this disgusting policy in the next elections,' the journalist group concludes.

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