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July Saturday

Cuba rejects ridiculous anti-Cuban spectacle orchestrated by the OAS

Cuba rejects ridiculous anti-Cuban spectacle orchestrated by the OASHAVANA, Cuba, Feb 13 (ACN) Cuba does not recognize the moral or legal authority of the Organization of American States (OAS) to single it out, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex) declared on Tuesday in the capital in an official statement.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry rejected the holding in Washington of a conference convened by Luis Almagro, secretary general of that organization, which had as its theme the constitutional reform project, which was described as a ridiculous anti-Cuban spectacle, according to Eugenio Martínez, director general of Minrex for Latin America and the Caribbean.

It is striking that the secretary general of the OAS, with his particular anti-Cuban obsession, reiterates vulgar calumnies and lies about our country, and ignores so many issues of real urgency in Our America, for which he does not devote the same energy, time or resources, underscored Martínez in making the declaration known.

The Cuban diplomat recalled that neither Almagro nor the OAS have the right to debate the constitution of a State that is not part of it nor does it intend to be part of it, and is therefore not subject to its treaty system, with which it has no obligation.

The declaration of the Foreign Ministry indicates that this act does not respect the very letter of the OAS Charter, which enshrines the nature of its functions, among which it is not recognized as autonomous or capable of orchestrating this type of actions, which have also not received a special mandate from the member states.

Martínez recalled that the OAS is an organization at the service of U.S. imperialism, which is why it supported Cuba's attempts at isolation, military interventions in Latin America, dictatorships and ignored the condemnation of the most abominable tortures in the region.

Cuba's constitution emanates from the sovereign authority of its people, who democratically debated the draft of the Constitution on which they will vote next February 24, according to the document released by the Minrex.

The secretary general of the OAS is mistaken in repeating the script so many times rehearsed against Cuba. The Constitution is discussed and approved by Cubans and will be confirmed on February 24, the declaration concludes.

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