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Costa Rica extradites to Cuba drug dealer wanted by Interpol

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Costa Rica extradites to Cuba drug dealer wanted by InterpolHAVANA, Cuba, Feb 8 (ACN) The Ministry of the Interior reports that the Cuban authorities, in cooperation with those of Costa Rica, proceeded with the return to the island-nation of Cuban citizen Neftaly García Testa.

This action takes place in response to the international arrest warrant issued by the Interpol office in Havana and the extradition request submitted by the Office of the Attorney-General of the Republic, in conjunction with the Supreme People's Court and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
As a result of the investigations carried out by the Ministry of the Interior, García Testa was identified as an organizer of frustrated drug shipments to Cuba between 2011 and 2016, activities for which 16 people - seven of them Costa Ricans- were sanctioned by the Cuban courts with prison sentences of between ten and 20 years for the crime of International Drug Trafficking, in correspondence with their participation in the facts.
Cuba reaffirms its willingness to continue strengthening international judicial and police cooperation with other countries, in accordance with the multilateral and bilateral agreements adopted.
Likewise, it reiterates that there will be no impunity against those criminals, inside and outside its borders, who try to profit from the lives of people and encourage drug trafficking and consumption, which is why it will maintain its irreversible policy of zero tolerance and strict compliance with socialist legality.

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