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News Investment in Cattle Sector in the Province of Villa Clara

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News Investment in Cattle Sector in the Province of Villa ClaraHAVANA, Cuba, Feb 10 (ACN) the province of Villa Clara has begun an investment process in the cattle sector with the installation of 50 turbines to extract deep water sites with an investment process in the cattle sector which includss 86 new pumps.

The work inlcudes the perforation of 22 wells with entities that lacks water to guarantee for the cattle to drink the precious liquid for their development and milk production.

Fausto Vega, representative of the Ministry of Agriculture in the territory told the press that not only have they improved the technology of the cattle but the necessary actions for the control of the reservoirs have been established for the control of the reservoirs and avoid the unnecessary use of the resources.

Among the sector's priorities in Villa Clara is to maintain some 40 dams clean and in good shape in order to allow divert the flowing of the rivers towards the cattle or pasture area.

He added that they are working in the refurbishing of 15 wells locate in different municipalities to guarantee the correct use of the water sources.

Vega recalled that the agricultural drought in recent years that damaged the province severely affected the cattle inflicting high numbers of death and malnutrition in the animals.

Since then a program aimed at avoiding the same outcome which also includes planting 6 thousand 600 hectares with a variety of highly nutritious cereal.

Santos Martin Alonso, director of the Benito Juarez Agricultural Company in Placetas told ACN that the 10 new turbines installed are currently working.

He believes that these tasks benefit the work of the cattle raisers and allows a better use of the cattle both in the milk production sector as well as beef.

Martin recalled that the cattle are highly water consumers and in case of those milk producers must take in three to four liters per each kilogram of pasture or hay they consume.

Martin Alonso added cattle used for beef require three liters per each kilogram of dry material they consume.

These estimates show the importance of water availability in the cattle entities, he said.

Information obtained in the Ministry of Agriculture office reports that Villa Clara revealed that almost 50 million liters of milk was produced in 2016 from the territory, highest figure ever in the province.

This production record shows the effectivness of some tasks carried out to modernize the cattle sector and to assure that the resources are guaranteed for the animals.

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