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Cuban Deputies Address Deficiencies in System of Attention to the Population

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Cuban Deputies Address Deficiencies in System of Attention to the PopulationHAVANA, Cuba, Jul 12 (acn) MPs of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters discussed on Saturday the main problems hampering the system of care for the population, and proposed mechanisms to improve it.

At Havana's Convention Center, Jose Luis Toledo, president of the Commission, presented the summary report of the Control and Supervision of the legal services provided to citizens.
Toledo also spoke of the attention to complaints, suggestions and requests, the quality and speed of responses offered, as well as compliance with established measures for the simplification of procedures in the district attorney's office, courts and justice offices.
The report reflects developments in each of the organisms analyzed and underlines the weaknesses still hampering the quality of care such as lack of skilled and experienced staff to handle complaints; delay of responses and lack of suitable premises, among others.
The chairman of the committee was in favor of strengthening the regime of constitutional guarantees and of controlling in the second half of the year the progress of the review process in criminal matters pending cases and the status of processing.
Moreover, Toledo said, we must monitor the implementation of the decree that authorizes the Department of Physical Planning to assume issues that used to be the responsibility of the Housing Department.
The president of the Supreme Court, Ruben Remigio Ferro, said that complaints and requests, rather than an independent or collateral activity of the institution, are an intrinsic part of the administration of justice.
Remigio stated that all complaints require investigation and that to do we take as a starting point the fact that whoever sends it right.
Maria Esther Reus, Minister of Justice, added that the main complaints are related to the provision of services in her institutions and each one is a referent to perfect their work.
Reus said that among the main dissatisfactions of the population we find excessive request for documents and the powers some institutions arrogated to determine their expiration, which many of these documents don't have.
We work to give a satisfactory answer to that problem, she pointed out.

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