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Positive and Respectful Atmosphere in Cuba-US talks

Tamaño letra:

WASHINGTON, USA, February 27 (acn) Talks between Cuba and the United States continue under a positive, constructive and respectful atmosphere, Juan Jacomino spokesman of the Cuban Interests Section in the United States told Cuban News Agency.
"Positions on the issues to be defined for the operation of embassies once the reopening of these is decided have got closer," said Jacomino.
The talks are going well and are half the agenda for this round of talks on the process of restoration of diplomatic relations taking place in the State Department in the US capital, he said.
Cuba assists to the meeting with expectations regarding two important issues that would create the proper context for the restoration of diplomatic relations and opening of embassies: the exclusion of Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism; and the resolution of the banking situation the Cuban Interests Section in Washington has gone through for its financial operations for more than a year.
In the first round of talks Cuba expressed concerns about the security and protection of human rights in the US, as part of the talks, the representation of the Island brings a concrete proposal to address the issue bilaterally on equal conditions and with respect for the sovereignty of peoples.

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