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September Thursday

Lisbet, a doctor who loves working with pregnant women

Finding the path towards the profession that will put beans on your table does not always come with an unwavering love that does not make you doubt even for an instant about the stormy journeys that life imposes.

However, there are some lucky ones who from an early age set their sights on the dreams they want to fulfill with ironclad determination. One of them is Lisbet González Díaz, a young doctor who has recently graduated and loves working with pregnant women.

"Medicine is in my blood: my parents and my sisters are doctors. I always felt that joining the world of healthcare was what I wanted to do, and as an adult that hasn't changed,” she stressed. “Not that my wish made it any easier to get here. Many years of studies, especially the last two with the onset of COVID-19, put to the test my capacity as a professional and above all as a human being.”

From the outset of the fight against the pandemic in Matanzas, her native province, she went to the red zone, specifically to treat infected pregnant women.

"At times your work gets harder to do and becomes painful, say, when a patient gets worse from one moment to the next, but we would overcome with a lot of effort and love.

“I will never forget when I received a young pregnant woman who tested positive and was also diabetic. Those were intense days of work and hardly any sleep as I took care of her until she defeated the disease and soon after had her baby in her arms,” Gonzalez Diaz recalls.

"In these two years I became infected and passed the virus on to my parents and a sister, all of which was very difficult for me to cope with, but I would not change anything of what I have done because I know that with my effort I have made a significant contribution to my province in the midst of such a complex situation.

"The gratitude and the smile of these mothers-to-be when they leave the hospital fill you with satisfaction and convince you that you are in the right place, and you feel it in your heart."

Names like Lisbet González Díaz contribute to the greater glory of the Cuban army of white coats. It doesn't matter how difficult things are if you do what you really value, and she is a doctor who shows in every gesture and word that she loves working with pregnant women.

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