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April Thursday

Science and innovation are vital for Cuban development, says Diaz-Canel

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 25 (ACN) The contributions made by science and innovation to the country's economic and social development are unquestionable. It is no coincidence that this has been defined by the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, as one of the three pillars on which the construction of the Cuban government's management system is based.

The greatest challenge, at present, continues to be to extend it and take advantage of its potential in all sectors and areas of the country. And as part of that purpose, Diaz-Canel headed the first working session at the Palace of the Revolution with executives from the Ministry of Energy and Mines, as well as with scientists and experts from research centers related to that strategic sector. This practice will be gradually extended to other ministries.

As the President recalled during the working session, this type of exchange had its origins in the midst of the epidemic caused by COVID-19, which made it possible to implement and endorse this government management system in a more intense manner and to act from different spheres in the face of such a complex problem.

More than 50 meetings have been held since then, and this joint performance -recognized the President of the Republic- has been fundamental to obtain the results shown in the fight against the disease, which are superior to those of the region of the Americas.

Subsequently, he said, this practice was extended to the Food and Nutritional Sovereignty program. The purpose is to continue advancing in the most diverse sectors in order to gradually create a greater culture in these matters and strengthen the work system.

By way of summary, Díaz-Canel stressed that in "Cuba, after the triumph of the Revolution, there has been an active policy of knowledge, led by the thought and action of Fidel".

In this sense, he stressed the creation of well-articulated science, technology and innovation capacities, as is the case of BioCubaFarma, which he considered "one of the most comprehensive conceptions we have of science, because it is a system, now business, where science and research have become a productive force and participate in the process of production, market and innovation, all of which feeds back in a closed cycle".

Although Cuba is showing magnificent results in several sectors associated with the use of science and innovation, the president said that not all sectors are doing so in the same way. "The science, technology and innovation system is weakly interconnected in Cuba; there is insufficient interconnection between the knowledge sector, that is, universities, the productive system of goods and services and the territories," he said.

In this regard, he said that one of the aspects that characterizes the situation in the country is that the main scientific and innovation potential is in the universities and in the science, technology and innovation entities, but not in other areas such as the business system.

With the purpose of favoring the development of science and innovation, he explained to those attending the meeting that in recent years progress has been made in the approval of a policy for the science and technology system, as well as a set of regulations, so that the institutional framework in this area is undergoing a transformation.

"The economic battle, which is one of the priorities of the country today, is demanding a broader, more intense and more coherent management of science and innovation", he stressed.

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